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November 14, 2012
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You went to the pet store, looking for a certain breed of cat. They were rather popular; everyone had one now-a-days. (Bff/N)* has one and my gosh it is so cute.

You looked inside a little pen, to see 2 cats. Each had a curl on opposite sides of the head. They were very similar in physical appearance, other than the little curls. The one cat seemed very happy and care free, while the other seemed very grumpy and mean.

You asked the lady at the desk about the 2 of them. She said that they were Italian brothers and the grumpier one was protective over the younger, happier one and that while both were clumsy; the care-free one was much clumsier. She also told you that if you buy one, you must buy both.

You really wanted them, they were just too cute. So, you bought them both and some basic supplies to help them live.

On your way home the grumpier cat kept glaring at you through the cage on the passenger seat. You just hoped you would all get along well.

When you got home, you quickly straightened things up, making sure neither of the cats could get hurt by anything. You then let them out of the cage to wander and get familiar with their new home. You set up a little dish for water and made a little area for them to sleep.

The happy cat got accustomed to his surroundings rather quickly, accepting his new home. While, the grumpy one; thought this was sketchy or shady and that there was a catch about their new home.

You gently picked up the happy kitty and held him in your arms, thinking of names.

“What should I call you?” You asked the little kitten, all he did was lean into your arms wanting to be pet.

You pet him as many names ran through your head. You thought that since they are Italian they deserve Italian names. You thought of a couple.

“How about…” The cat looked up at you, as if he was listening and urging you to go on.

“Fredrigo?” The cat moved his paw almost as if he was hitting you gently telling you no.

“Hm… Lorenzo?”  No.


“Antonio? No you’re right that does seem more suiting to a Spanish cat…”

You thought a little more when it came to you.

“How about Feliciano?” The c-Feliciano made a ‘Ve~’ sound and rubbed into you.

“I’m taking that as a yes” You smiled and pet him.

You thought about a name for Mr. Grumpy Kitty… You could always call him that… Nah, you wanted to give him a human name.

You squatted in front of Mr. Grumpy Kitty.

“What would you like your name to be?”

He looked up at you.

“How about Luigi?” He glared at you.

“No, OK… Marcello?” His glare increased.

“Lorenzo?” He continued to glare but it lessened. You took this as a signal that you were close.

“Hmm…. Lovino?” His glare disappeared altogether and he looked away.

“OK then Lovino and Feliciano.” You smiled happily.
Something told you that taking care of these guys would be a lot of fun.

*(Bff/N)= Best Friend’s Name
This is my first fanfiction being posted on dA. I have written fanfictions before, but that was when I thought that paragraphs and puncuation was a stupid waste of time -_-'. I would appreciate it greatly if I had some feedback on this. This may be a one-shot I'm not sure. If I don't get many views and all on this then it will be a one-shot.

The Italy Brothers belong to Hetalia which belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya. The Nekotalia versions belong to Hetalia also. I only own the story itself!

If you have read this reader-insert; I thank you very much :). I appreciate it greatly.

Part 2: [link]
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