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It would be greatly appreciated if you were to donate to me!

I do commissions and requests.

I will draw for you and I will write for you.

If you wish to request, than you can request in my comments section of my page(or anywhere).

If you want to commission me, than you can donate some points and I will do something for you. If you are not satisfied, I will try again. If you are yet again not satisfied, I will give you your points back.

If you are interested in commissioning me than please talk to me about it and we can discuss prices and such.

If you do donate, thank you so much! It is greatly appreciated!!

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Drem Yol Lok Pah! Zu'u Gravuun Lok. Greetings everyone! I'm Gravuun Lok. On deviantart though, I'm izzyluvsyou22.

Welcome to my page! I hope you enjoy your stay :3.

Don't be afraid to ask me anything or request anything!

Thank you for visiting! :D

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My birthday badge

Nom Nom by Mr-StampThe Brakes by Mr-StampCookie Stamp by pronouncedyou
I Support Cute Things's Stamp by lynartI Love The Rain by Wearwolfaajust another pointless support by Mr-Stamp

Intuos is love .:free:. by Gamibrii
My baby-bro's deviantART: :iconaloistrancy1239:

Have a wonderful day, week, year and most importantly have a wonderful life.


Warning! This is an Author X Reader. Meaning this is Me X You. I am so sorry for this.

Go into the palace and/or tower, fight all of the bad guys and save the Princess. That’s pretty much standard in saving a Princess. I’ve never saved a Princess before, I haven’t really fought much either. But, my friends can be very persuasive.
They said that the rumor goes that this is one of the prettiest Princesses, they also said that the only reason they are making me go is so I can be their human shield. Well, isn’t that just nice?
Approaching the castle in what’s left of the sun, we all stay out of sight in between the trees and behind boulders. We don’t know what or whom we will exactly encounter in this castle. All we know is that there may be a Princess in there that needs to be saved… ‘may be’, and ‘needs’ are pretty big key words in this situation.

I turn to my comrades and am about to ask what they think our course of action should be, when my red-headed friend –Aaron- begins screaming and running towards the doors. I glance at the others, only to see the 2 brothers –Daren and Daniel- do the same. It’s only 3 of us behind this boulder now.
I look towards them in question; they sigh and shake their heads at our crazy companions.
“Do you want to wait until those doofus’[1] are taken care of and then make our move? Or…” I trailed off. “Let’s just go in and see if we can slip by. You were supposed to be the distraction, but I think that position has just been taken.” My bulky and bald friend –Elijah- laughs quietly as he pats me on the back.
I chuckle awkwardly before all 3 of us head toward the castle. Being quick, but quiet; we slip into the castle and through some hallways before hearing fighting in a room at the end of the hall. We peek into the room, to see our 3 comrades fighting some men dressed in armor. There are 2 other armored men on the ground, either dead or unconscious.
We decided we’d let them do their thing as we slip up the stairs and quietly looking into each room. Looking into a room, I find it’s a bedroom. It has a pretty expensive looking bed, a wardrobe, and you’re other standard bed-room items. But alas, no Princess.
We’ve looked through about 15 rooms already, only to find you’re average rooms.
We come to a corner, and I peek down the hallway, the coast is clear. I head down it with the other 2. There are at least 20 more doors down this hallway, but there is one large set of doors at the end. I look at the others to see them peeking into separate rooms.
Without telling them, I head towards that end door. Logically speaking –and stereotypically speaking- the Princess should probably be in this room.
Slowly opening the door, I peek inside. There is a large wardrobe, and a large bed. I open the door a little more to see a table and a chair. Then revealing a girl sitting at the table reading a book. She looks up at me, noticing the movement. She smiles slightly and closes the book, placing it gently on the table.
“Hello” she greets.
I enter fully, and uncertainly bow before greeting her back “Hello, Your Majesty.”
She giggles before standing “No need to bow, and I’m not a Queen you know?”
I straighten myself out and I can’t help but notice that she is quite pretty. She has short dark brown hair that curves just under her chin, with soft side-swept bangs right above her thin and straight eyebrows. She looks just about my age, if not possibly younger. Her dark brown eyes shine with sweet kindness and happiness. Her dress is modest and nothing too extravagant, blue is the main color. It definitely complements her eyes.

“Are you done staring?” She asks with a small smile. I quickly answer with a blush on my face “I didn’t mean to stare your highness!” She just giggles cutely covering her mouth with the back of her hand. “So, I suppose you are here to ‘save’ me?” She asks stepping closer towards me, stopping less than 2 feet away. “Yes your Highness.” I answer trying to regain my confident composure -Did I even have any to begin with? Oh dear, I hope so.
“Can you tell me your name? Dear knight and shining armor?” She asks with a bit of dramatics in the last bit. “(Y/N), Your Highness.” She hums in response, looking me up and down. “Is there others with you (Y/N)?” She asks as she tilts her head to the side. “Yes, I’m with 4 other men.”

Just then all 4 of my comrades burst into the room frantically yelling for me, pushing me forward and into the Princess. Which pushes her onto the bed, with me practically pinning her down in a very compromising position. All four of my comrades immediately shut up as soon as they see me, pinning the Princess on her bed. I look down at the Princess; her eyes wide and her face flushed.

One of my comrades –Larry- coughs awkwardly. Before Elijah starts panicking “What in the world are you doing to the Princess, (Y/N)!?!?!??” The Princess squeaks and kicks her feet lightly from being flustered. I quickly get off of her and turn towards them. “It’s not what it looks like!”
Aaron –who is all bruised and bloody- steps forward “Like hell it isn’t!” The Princess stands up next to me “It-it really isn’t!” “Well, if the Princess says so, then it must be so.” Elijah rubs the back of his head.
Larry steps forward towards the Princess, “If you are the Princess, and it wasn’t what it looks like… then.” He jumps in front of her before kneeling on the ground, grasping her hand and looking into her eyes longingly “My name is Larry my Princess. Your handsome, charming and romantic Knight!” He then flips his hair with his free hand.
“Uhhhhh” The Princess said awkwardly, trying to break her hand away, “I-I’m flattered all of you worked so hard to save me! It’s much appreciated! But…”
“But?” All of us pushed.
“I… didn’t really /need/ saving.” She said looking down embarrassed.

Everyone went silent.

“I don’t feel so well.” Aaron said before falling face-first onto the carpeted floor. The Princess gasped. “Don’t worry he’ll be okay. He ran into the castle first.” I reassured her. “Hmmn” She nodded, still obviously worried for him.
“A-Anyway, what is all of your names?” She asked breaking the silence. “My name is Elijah, Your Highness!” He stated proudly. “We are Daren and Daniel!” The brothers exclaimed.
“You already know my name, m’lady. The handsome, talented savior: LARRY!” He struck an odd super-hero pose.
I gesture towards the man on the ground “This bloke is Aaron.”
The Princess smiled “It’s a pleasure to meet you all! I guess I should introduce myself too; my name is Isabella-Jean, Princess of my Kingdom. If you wish, you can call me Isabella instead of all of the formalities! You all are very brave and strong to have made it through my guards! They aren’t your run-of-the-mill guards!” She chuckled with some astonishment.
“Oh, it really was nothing Princess Isabella” Elijah smiled and rubbed the back of his head proudly. “HEY! You didn’t do anything! Don’t be so arrogant!” Daren hit Elijah on the back of his head. Isabella giggled covering her mouth with her hand. She was becoming quite fond of the group already!

Holding her hand as we stroll through the garden together. She goes to a bunch of carnations, plucking a pink one before putting it behind my ear. I chuckle as she giggles and jumps in place childishly. With my free-hand I gently caress the side of her face. Her face instantly becoming red.
“I love you Isabella,” I say loud enough for her to hear.
She smiles, “I love you too (Y/N).”
I lean in and meet her lips with mine, before I wake up with a start.
Looking up at the ceiling, I sigh. This is the 3rd time in a row. It is only a dream. I run my hand through my hair before looking down to see Isabella cuddling me, fast asleep. I smile and kiss her head before wrapping my arm around her and contently fall back to sleep.

[1]: Doofus: would the plural be doofuses, doofus', doofusi, or doof? I don't know, but I went with doofus'.
Princess!Author X Reader /Izzyluvsyou22 x Reader
This is my life now. This is what I've been reduced to.

I will forever live my life in shame... but will continue to write these. Because I haven't quite learnt my lesson yet.

I've been trying to get back into writing, but everything that I was writing was going nowhere. I started doing this Camp NaNoWriMo what-not. And, this just came out. I swear it didn't start out this way.
I was describing the Princess and I just made her look similar to me, and I thought "Why the flip not?" Oh, now I have so many reasons 'why not.'

I was never super good with writing or anything, but I've gotten pretty rusty anyway. Ugh, at least I'm practicing! (Painfully)
The ending seems so rushed *flails* I'm not good with endings.

I'm fairly certain, last time I checked I own myself... but I think you might own me now? I'm not so sure anymore.
I'm sure you do! (It's probably the only reason you're watching me xD)
You-you don't? Well, TOO BAD!
I made one...
For whom you ask?
It's a Me x Reader...
Don't ask.
It just happened that way.
I'm also a princess...
isn't that wonderful.
I'm not vain I swear! DX
I'll be posting it some time soon. So, it's happening whether you want it or not.
I'm also working on OC x Readers.
The world needs more OC x Readers and Author X Readers...
I have more Izzy X Readers fermenting too.
So, that's what on the menu...

I'm so sorry.
If you want to request some stuff. Then I'll be happy to try!! :D.
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Stolen from :iconflyingpastakitty:

Are you afraid of:

[] the dark
[/] staying single forever 
[] being a parent 
[] giving birth
[/] open spaces
[/] closed spaces
[x] heights
[] dogs 
[] birds
[] fish 
[x] spiders 
[] flowers or other plants 
Total so far: 3.5

[/] being touched 
[/] fire
[] deep water
[] snakes
[] silk
[] the ocean 
[/]  failure 
[] success
[] thunder/lightning
[] frogs/toads
[] my boyfriends/girlfriends dad
[] boyfriends/girlfriends mom
[] rats 
[x] jumping from high places
[] snow
Total so far: 6
[] rain
[] wind
[x] crossing hanging bridges
[x] death 
[/] heaven
[/] being robbed
[x] falling
[x] clowns
[/] dolls 
[x] large crowds of people 
[] men 
[] women
[] having great responsibilities
[] doctors, including dentists
[] tornadoes
Total so far: 12

[/] hurricanes
[] sharks 
[] Friday the 13th
[/] ghosts
[] poverty
[] Halloween
[] school
[] trains
[] odd numbers
[] even numbers
[/] being alone
[] becoming blind 
[] becoming deaf
[/] growing up
Total so far: 14

[/] creepy noises in the night
[] bee stings 
[/] not accomplishing my dreams/goals 
[] blood 
[] dinosaurs 
[] the welcome mat
[] high speed
[] throwing up 

Total:  15

If you wish to post this in your journal, it's been requested that you title it "I'm afraid of __ out of 72 common fears"
If you get more than 30, I strongly recommend some counseling 
If you get more than 20 your paranoid.
If you get 10-20, you are normal. If you get 10 or less, you're fearless

I don't have too many fears, but I'm definitely not fearless xD.
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  • Drinking: Diet Dr. Pepper *glug glug glug*
Soft Chibi by IzzyLuvsYou22
Soft Chibi
Trying out some stuff and drew a pretty darn cute chibi!

I'm actually pretty proud of this! It's pretty cute if I do say so myself.

Tried out a lighter lineart, with line-weight and a different style of highlight (to the hair).
Not too bad, I like it.

The gloves and shoes though, so dark *shrivels up, turns into ash and blows away in the wind*

This isn't any character or anything, but I think I might make her own xD.
Sohma Intimates by IzzyLuvsYou22
Sohma Intimates
Sohma Intimates. 

Parody of Soma Intimates.
My little brother: :iconaloistrancy1239: suggested me this idea a while back. I just had to make it.

I'm so not sorry.

I do not own Soma Intimates. This is just a parody. Please don't sue meh Dx.

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